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A sequel to Disposable Assets entitled "Networking", is currently in the works. Release to be disclosed at a later date.
  "Disposable Assets"
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B.K. Lauren.
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Books by internationally known single-handed sailors referred to in Disposable Assets:

Captain Joshua Slocum.  Sailing Alone Around the World.
Barnard Moitessier:  The Long Wave.
Sir Francis Chichester.  Gypsy Moth Circles the World.
'BANISTER' -- is the working title of my new book.
     In the quaint mythical English village of Wrenswood, near the Derwent River north of London, so little happens the locals have to contrive gossip out of small inconsequential events.  Until Miss Higby, a much beloved old spinster is found dead in her kitchen. Other murders follow. Has a local vendetta seething quietly beneath this quiet community caused these deaths, or, is it something even more sinister from beyond this pastoral village?
     Add a mean spirited, aggressive ginger cat named after a deceased Hollywood celebrity, who knows more than he's telling, the Ladies' Church Circle, a nouveau riche couple from London and the local Lord Wrenswood and his family, and you have more than enough action to cause havoc for the local constabulary.
     Detetive Chief Inspector Banister, who lives much of his life sliding down the slippery slope of low grade depression, with his inane sidekick DC Vivian Mayo, even questions the death of a local vicar who died two years before.  Like any jigsaw puzzle all the pieces fit together but how?  Ian Banister, who perks up when things get complicated, uses unusual methods but always gets his man, or woman, whatever the case.

Riding a yak in Old Manali, India.
Just before taking off Para Gliding in Slovang, India
Plum pudding from Sanders in Detroit,   {www.sanderscandy.com}
was served at the Crane's Christmas dinner in Disposable Assets.  This item is no longer on Sander's order list, but they still produce outstanding chocolates and the best hot fudge, with a hint of caramel, I have ever tasted.  How do I know about Sanders?  Easy, I grew up eating the stuff!!!